Mag-Flo Inhaler Trainer

Most patients do not use their inhalers properly.

Mag-Flo uses the patient’s own inhaler to teach them how to inhale correctly and get the most effective dose.

Correct inhaler technique will allow the patient to get the most from their inhaler. The commonest inhalation errors are inhaling too fast or too slow, and not inhaling for long enough.

Simply connect your inhaler to Mag-Flo and breathe in quickly. When you have reached the minimum required inhaled flow rate, the green light will come on. Keep inhaling for as long as possible with the green light on. Inhale too fast or too slow and the green light will go out. Adjust your inhalation until it comes on again.

Mag-Flo is suitable for use with most Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) and comes with adaptors for connecting to most makes.

  • Suitable for any age group
  • Registered and CE marked
  • Battery supplied
  • Easily cleaned
  • One-way mouthpiece available
  • Separate cleanable mouthpieces supplied